Artists – Western Cape

We take our business very serious. 

*  Our Artists are all reference checked.

*  They all have their own systems, can perform a variety of Genres, are humble, and agree with our high customer service standards.

*  Our Artists may not get drunk on stage.

*  They have to be early for all their gigs.

*  They may also not get involved in fights, not them, nor the people accompanying them.

*  We give them each a digital job card for every “first” venue they play at, to ensure success.

*  We have vocalists, musicians and bands.

*  We supply our clients with digital posters, and if so requested, posters, they can print to put up at the venue (these will be mailed through to ensure best quality).

*  We always make sure to let our clients know that the Artists are on their way, set up, and always give a courtesy call afterward, to make sure you – our client, has a hassle free experience.

We know how much your business mean to you – because ours mean a lot to us.

Give us a try – contact us today to make a booking, our contact information is on the contact us page.


Pubs / Restaurants / Lodges / Festivals / Markets / Weddings / Wineries / Breweries / Corporate Functions

Rocking Eve - Band R4000-R5000