Doane Smith

Age:  41

Music Style : Rock, Pop, Country, Love songs, Dance, Medleys, Current

Language:  Afrikaans and English

City :  Pretoria

Gigs Perfect for:  Pubs, Restaurants, Lodges, Corporate Venues, Weddings, Festivals, Fleamarkets

Performed at:  Jan se Skuld, Padstal, Cooper’s, Upperdeck, Lulu’s, Thirsty Fox, Bees Y Bier, Die Poskantoor, Die Kantoor

More about

Doane was born in Pretoria on the 27 February 1981, singer, songwriter and performer.

Unknowingly started his music career at the tender age of 15.

Doane bought his first guitar with money he saved up from performing tasks like, mowing lawns. Doane learned how to play the guitar by listening to music on the Radio. As a teenager he would practice for hours how to play songs on his guitar. 

He didn’t  set out to be a musician or to take up music as a career at first, of course music was strictly a hobby for him, but circumstances always pushed him to be a musician.  However having to choose between his music and a full time job, his music would always be triumphant.

Doane is a special musician and performer widely known for his ability to engage audiences of all kinds.  Performing music from oldies to current, medleys, dance, pop, rock and country, he can do it all..!!!  Leaving people happy, helping them take pleasure in music…that’s what  it’s really all about for Doane.

Doane’s new single “Whiskey” got rated nr 1 three times in 2019 on the country top 15 on Hosa radio.



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