Duane Louw

Music Style : Ballads, Light Rock, Pop, Country, Sokkie, Dance, Gospel, Originals

Language:  Afrikaans and English

City :  Rustenburg

Duane is perfect for Festivals, Fairs, Markets, Fleamarkets, Holiday Resorts, Lodges, Weddings and Corporate events.

More about

Duane Louw was born on 3 February 1978 in Klerksdorp as the middle child of three. He has an older sister and a younger brother. His parents are Hendrie and Eileen Louw.

A rough Afrikaans musical diamond and an artist with heart and soul. An artist with endless talent, a singer and songwriter.

Upon graduating in 1996 Klerksdorp from the Higher Technical School, Duane enjoyed a year away from the books and participated in his church’s youth music ministry. After his breakout year in 1998 he began studying teaching at the Potchefstroom College of Education (which later became part of PU for CHO) and completed his diploma in 2001.

He started his teaching career as a lecturer at Rustenburg Technical College (later to become ORBIT TVET College). After six years in the college sector, he started working on projects in the mining sector. It is at this time that he becomes part of his church’s music ministry team. He lives his love of music as a

Ministry leader and began his secular music career as a full-blown musician.

In 2015 he made his debut as an emerging artist AT AARDKLOP, and since then has never looked back.

Duane is currently a teacher at a primary school in Rustenburg. As he becomes increasingly successful in the music world, he will not remain in the classroom for too long.

He is an outspoken child of God and a proud Afrikaner to the core who loves his people, language and culture. He cares about our farmers and is very involved with Farmers Drought Aid SA NPC.

His warm raspy voice and song stories from the artist’s own writing are sure to touch any audience. Music was always his dream, his passion, his ministry.

With every step, Duane shares a piece of his heart, humanity, and life with the audience. His genres range from quiet ballads to contemporary rock that makes your feet itch. The most appropriate way to describe Duane’s music is a blend of heart music that makes you long for your childhood days at home. In addition, Duane kicks ass in Afrikaans.

Duane joins forces with Briers Marx, the founder of Varkhart, in May 2020, to create an Afrikaans outdoor lifestyle brand. To represent the lifestyle that Varkhart represents, he writes a song called “Volbloed Afrikaner”.

Treat yourself to a spin on Varkhart’s website and proudly sing along to “Volbloed Afrikaner” on YouTube when you and your friends relax around a bonfire.


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