Marco Steyn

Marco Steyn

Age: 25

Music Style : Country, Pop, Classic, Soul

City :  Germiston

I am a born singer, with a passion for music.  In music lies adventures yet to be discovered.  

Music unites us and i want to be apart of a world where we are one, let us share in one dream and one passion.  I am not better then you because without you, i am nothing.

When i sing, i reach out to touch your heart, to bring peace of mind and encourage you to be the person you truly are.  Thank you for sharing in my passion and thank you for dreaming with me.




Marco Steyn (Born Desember 1995) is a singer from Germiston.  He was born in Pietermartizburg and moved to Germiston at the age of 1 years old where he grew up and went to school. 

He got singing lessons from (Keyboard Magic) at the age of 12.  Age 15 he was part of the International Youth Choir (Colla Voce) which was an experience he won’t forget.  He loved  School Revue’s and played the Lead role in Grade 10.  Marco always got high accolades while taking part at the Germiston Eistedfod.  He finished his Matric in 2013.

While young, Marco performed at Weddings and Retirement Villages to gain confidence.

2017 was the first year Marco got introduced to Singing Competitions and won the Yard of Ale Singing Competition and then another First Place at the Eastrand Supervoice Singing Competition.

He devoted his time at a Charity Event where him and a few other Artists sang to raise money for the event.

He also took part in the ‘Onesto The Search’ Competition where he landed under the Top 10 (2019)

 He is a very versatile singer with a love for different Genre’s.  He performs Classical Music just as well as Pop and Country and is a truly Soul Singer.  Marco want to touch people’s hearts with his voice.


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