Klippies Butter 500g

R90.00 excluding vat

The relay game is great to play with friends and family while waiting for your order, or after your meal. Be sure to look at the CRASH BOOM BANG game also, Team 1 plays, while team 2 plays, the winner of both play the final.  Do as the game commands.  Crash boom bang is not for the sissy's - remember to hand your keys to a responsible driver.  Family time, is an example of how we can create child friendly family style games, with this game you have to do as the square commands, make the animal sound, do the challenges, most important, have fun.  Cookie challenge - put a cookie on your forehead, wiggle your face muscles to get the cookie down to your mouth without it falling to the ground, once in your mouth, eat and show a clear tongue.  Please note there is a R150 once off setup fee per size styrofoam board game, so make sure to order how many you want and not just one at a time

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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 12.5 × 6.5 cm