Mini Marathon

Mini Marathon is an interactive relay, large table game, to be enjoyed by family or friends. This two in one game will attract more customers, and will ensure great video content for your social media pages.  This is perfect for big teams and is a two in one game.  Two teams stand at the straight circle's side.  Bounce your ping-pong ball in the middle to hop into a cup of water.  The aim is to get your team to finish a straight line (Water noughts and crosses).  The team member to finish a line has a 5 second head start to complete a challenge (Venue decide, it can be a cookie challenge, or down a shot, or draft), and place one cup upside down to release your next team mate.  Continue until the upside down stack is built.  First team to get this done wins.

Various large table game designs available, be sure to look at all of them.  We can create something brand new for any venue - complete with your trademark.

R2,900.00 excluding vat