The Maze

R3,200.00 excluding vat

The maze is a relay, large table game. To be enjoyed with family, or friends. This is the perfect table to attract new customers, and get video content for social media.  Stand at opposite sides.  Take your finger to guide your ping pong ball through the first maze, this release the next player in your team to play the next maze.  Once the first team is at the middle of the second maze, the Opposite team's player has to complete a challenge while the current player finish the maze, to release their next player.  Same happens on the opposite team.  First team to complete the mazes complete to the finish line, wins the game. Various large table game designs available, be sure to look at all of them.  We can create something brand new for any venue - complete with your trademark.

Additional information

Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 800 cm