Greunen Parker

Sonet Shields

Age: 23

Music Style : Rock, Contemporary, Rock’nRoll, Pop

City :  Pretoria

I might be young, but i have an old spirit.  I sing to free my soul.  I hope that when you listen to my music, our souls can meet where you need it most.  Dreams do come true, “Don’t stop Believing”


This 23-year-old Tshwane resident is an actor, dancer, model, and singer – he’s been doing the latter in competitions since Grade 1.  He volunteers singing for the elderly, which he says he really enjoys – “seeing them come to life again”. He’s struggled with his homosexuality – initially at school, where he was bullied, and then having to come out to his parents, which took time. But they’re now one big, happy family. His mom says, “He was born for the stage – and he’s living his dream.”

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