Sonet Shields

Sonet Shields

Age: 46

Music Style : Country, Pop, Folk, Country, Rock, Balads

City :  Roodepoort

I am music.  I sing to free people from the burdens they carry.  Music to me is a gift i want to share with people who understand it.  I thank God for my voice and want to serve people and God with it.


Sonet Catherine Shields (Pienaar) was born in Rustenburg on the 17th of July 1974.

She was part of a family of 7, and is exactly in the middle.

They all became Orphans, but she was adopted and grew up as the daughter of the Matron of the Potgietersrust Hospital.

From a young age she had a very competative nature, but still loved being a true teamplayer. She was raised with high morals and norms. Character is very important to Sonet.

She was the Victrix Ludorum at her Primary School, also had the honor of being selected the top Debater at her School, she not only knew her speeches off by heart, but also understood all the points and really wanted to convince the audience why she chosen to speak about a certain topic. She had strong leader qualities and had a keen interest in taking part in the eistedfodd. She regularly took home merrit awards.

She also won a writing competition at the mere age of about 14. From a young age Sonet understood adult issues and wanted to tackle complicated issues. The book was basically about her life where she played the part of a little tree that grew up in a garbage dump, admiring the bigger healthy trees growing on the clean ridges of the dump. She understood how to think creatively, even till today.

She loved Drama from a very young age and remembers her Drama Teacher begging her Adoptive Mother to let her study drama after school. Unfortunately her Mother never saw it as an option for Sonet.

She took part in the school choir and loved all aspects of school, whether it be extra mural activities as well as brought home report cards her Mother would be proud of.

She got Waterberg Colors as well as Far North Colors in both Swimming as well as Softball.

As an Adult Sonet works very hard as a Digital Sales Executive for a big Classified Company, was promoted to Digital Field Sales Manager and yhen moved yo becime the Group Dales Manager where she soon thereafter decided yo start her own Company, where she gives all of herself. She considers one of her good qualities to be, humbleness and great customer service.

She is very happy to re-visit her love for acting.

Other work done:
Mnet advert extra 1993
Generations extra 1993

Casting a role of Miss Jansen in Skeemsaam

Music Videos