Not everyone is blessed with song writing talent.  We have writers from Texas, and South Africa to assist you with this matter.  

Pay the fee, and give us enough information to sucessfully write the song you want.

If you struggle to compose but are great with Lyrics, then please have a look at the COMPOSER section.

See our contact information on the CONTACT US page, for a quote.


SC Shields



Reference:  SW- cell number

(Example:  SW-0112458879)

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You will be the registered recording artist of the song, and our song writer will be noted as the Lyricist and Composer of the song.

We will also forward you the demo of the song, as well as a backing track, making it easier for you to walk into the studio to go and record.

If you are a struggling independent artist, please have a look at our RECORDING CLUB especially if this is going to be your first single, or album – we have great deals for you, with a very affordable payment plan.