Soundblaster Studio

Area:  Brakpan

What we do:  Recordings, Mastering, Re-productions, Cover Designs and Composing.  

Recorded Albums for:  Sonet Shields, Tommy Gloss, Jaco Joubert, Moonshine Hillbilly Band, Rian Kukard, Marius D, Andrew Davies, Denise Lourens, Monica Spies, Lu-Anel and many more.

Our Vision:  To assist independent artists produce an album they can be proud of, to help them reach the next level.  Some of the people that created their first albums at Soundblaster studio, was signed at bigger labels, while using the cd’s they recorded here, as demo’s.  Let me take you to the next level.

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As a child of about -+ 4 years, hearing problems started developing i was about 60% deaf in the left ear and 80% deaf in the right ear. I always had the desire to make music and to share music with those around me.  I saw my mother playing the piano and my sister singing along(Wilma-Dee), wishing I could do that.

After a successful operation my hearing recovered although it never came back 100%.  In primary school std4, my stepfather, who was a mechanic, fixed another man’s car to be able to give me my first guitar. I immediately knew what to do and learned to play very quickly.  When I started high school my father bought me my first electric guitar and amplifier.  I also did well in the school choir and it wasn’t long after that, that I had a few friends and we started a band, practiced hard and we were popular in the community we lived in around Cape Town. I also played in the school’s band, of which I was the lead trumpeter.

After school I went to the army where I was the lead trumpeter and singer of the band.  After the army, life got a little crazy and I ended up living on the streets.  I kept myself alive by playing guitar and singing to the people walking past with the very first guitar I bought myself when I was still in high school.

At that time I participated in many singing competitions of which I was the winner.  The biggest competition i ever took part in was at the South African Country Music Association where I was declared the winner.

By God’s grace I started playing at the Spring Hotel, and later became the Manager of the Hotel.  It also was my residence at that time.  I played in a 2-man band for about 1 year after which I was in a 1-man band for about 4 years and then moved to Cape

Town at that time where I played in a 2-man and 5-man band for 11 years.  During that time I started learning and doing studio work and started making our own tracks.  7 years later, with a lot of practice and a lot of lessons, I am proud to say that today Ihave my own recording studio (Soundblaster Studio) where I record other artists and also design and print CD covers for them to give them a complete product as well as stock to to sell.


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