The Morning After

Band:  4 – pce

Music Style : Contemprary, Jazz, Classic, Blues, Dance, Country, Reggae, Sokkie, Oldies, Ballad,  Rock n Roll, Rock

Language:  Afrikaans and English

City :  Sandton

Gigs Perfect for:  Pubs, Restaurants, Lodges, Corporate Venues, Weddings, Festivals, Fleamarkets, Private Functions

Performed at:  Lusitoland, Annie’s Song – Music Bar & Bistro,  Tequila Rock Krugersdorp, BBW & Co, Cojo’s, Clubhouse Grill, Private Functions

More about

The Morning After band was started in 2010 by long-time friends, Dirk Klut and Gerhard Oosthuizen, when they recognised a huge need in the wedding market for a professional live wedding band. At the time there were very few live bands playing weddings and today there is still only a handful that specialise in this niche market. Since then they have travelled across southern and central Africa to not only perform at weddings but corporates and special events too.

The band is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa but as their extensive travel suggests they can take their services wherever a client needs it to go. The Morning After offers a tailored service to suit the needs and pocket of each event. DJ, audio and lighting services bolster their robust service offering to clients, ensuring that every event entertainment detail is taken care of so there is no need to manage several service providers. The Morning After takes care of it all.


Name an instrument and Gerhard can probably play it, but in The Morning After he is both the occasional vocalist and the guy slapping the bass. G is a seasoned musician that played for several popular South African acts before he teamed up with his best friend and business partner, Dirk to form The Morning After. G takes care of the operational side of the band with an uncanny ability to sort out and organise just about anything. It helps that he is the ultimate people’s person, so it’s pretty hard to say no to him. When he grows up he hopes to grow a big bushy beard, which will go well with his dream car – a Mustang. G plays a lot of Clash of Clans, so don’t think he is constantly checking his emails on his iPad, he’s probably busy with a raid. He is also known for cracking a lot of jokes (of the dad jokes variety), so when you hear his booming laughter just go with it! 


When he’s not working on perfecting his fashion sense, Dirk is killing it on guitar and vocals in The Morning After. He defies all the musician stereotypes with his perfectionist tendencies earning him a lot of “abuse” from the rest of the band. It’s all a show though because they would be lost without his unrivalled attention to detail and they know it. Dirk’s been making music for more than two decades, teaching himself to play guitar with Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged” album. Verse for verse and chorus for chorus, he didn’t give up until he could play every song. This just gives a tiny bit of insight into his work ethic, dedication and passion for music. Dirk loves to travel, reading biographies and crafting guitars from scratch. When he is not being cultured, you can find him and Gerhard playing Blackjack and Roulette. They are yet to win big. 


There are a lot of unflattering stereotypes about drummers floating around – they are always late; they can’t read (what?); that drumming is the easiest gig in a band… you get the picture. When it comes to Shannon, check all these stereotypes at the door. He is always on time, he is a genius (for real, challenge him to a game of trivial pursuit genius edition if you dare) and drumming is not just bashing around, it’s a pretty technical skill. Drummers are the backbone of a song, which they can completely break if they lose coordination or focus for a second. Thankfully it’s not all serious, Shannon is the band clown and if you let him he will tell you the same joke a thousand times! Jokes aside, he is a SAMA award-winning musician, an avid golfer (5 handicap thank you very much) and is the real-life equivalent of Bob the Builder. Can he fix it? Yes he can! 

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