Tinus T’laino

Game Expert:  Quizzes, Bingo, Noot vir Noot, Money Shower, Resort Games

Music Style : Country, 80’s Rock, Rock ‘n Roll and Golden Oldies

Language:  Afrikaans and English

City :  Westrand

Gigs Perfect for:  Holiday Resort, Private Functions, Lodges, Corporate Events, Festivals, Markets and Restaurants

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All-Round Entertainer and Promoter

Tinus Oelofse started singing in the high school band at the age of 15. His stage name is Tinus T’Laino. His stage name was given to him a few years later by the late Gene Rockwell at the age of 18.

Tinus always looked for an opportunity to sing on stage at country shows and events to get known and through
this drive he met many bands and artists and gained experience and built relationships in the music industry.

Tinus recorded his 1st LP at the age of 19 and was invited by Russells Furniture to sing during one of their promotion days on a Saturday in Florida on the West Rand. Tinus was asked to announce the specials from the catalogue and was surprised to discover that he also has the ability and talent to promote.

Tinus was given a contract by the JD Group (Russells, Bradlows, Joshua Door, Price & Pride, Score Furniture’s) to travel throughout South Africa and promote at there stores in the day and during cheese and wine nights.

Tinus was nominated as one of the best 3 promoters in South Africa by the JD Group.
While Tinus was travelling throughout South Africa doing shows and promotions at Furniture stores, Festivals, Resorts, Weddings etc. he was noticed and had the privilege to tour and entertain with some of S.A.’s top artists, appeared and sang on the TV show Sing Country, record 1 LP and 2 CD’s, had his own program as a radio presenter, organize and co-ordinate festivals, training sales staff at the Furniture Stores etc.

Tinus is still doing Entertainment, Promotions, Marketing, Advertising, and events organizing after 36 years.
Due to his experiences Tinus can provide the following services and themes:

Tinus music variety that he DJ’s and Sings is for the young and older, all genres and all races.


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