Two Man Fingerboard

Dimensions:  600x300x18mm plywood with a beautiful sticker finish, rounded off with wooden strips on the outside border to keep the pucks from falling off.

Languages:  We can do it in any language

Themes:  We can fit ANY theme, so let your imagination run wild.

How is it played:  Normal fingerboard, but just for two players.  Different color pucks in the circle 5 each and a black puck in the middle.  First player to sink all their pucks and the black puck wins the game.

The aim of the game:  To reduce stress while customers wait to be served.  To make them sit and enjoy time with family and good friends, and to attract more customers to your venue because we can create specific games for each venue.

Price:  R350 per board (Delivery and extra’s (Pucks) are excluded)


More about

All our games are created with the client’s trademark.  We can create any game, and add or remove things to make it work for your industry.

Some theme ideas:

Mom’s vs Dad’s

Parent’s vs Kids

Brothers vs Sisters